In attendance: Jay, Max, Cam, Tom, Net, Ben, Sophie, Lea

@MIT: Cam, Pedro


  • Funding Update
    1. ODGE and APO funding is by callendar year, YOU/I is by academic year
    2. $11,094 left ($9,903 after allocations are spent)
    3. next ODGE funding deadline June 1
  • Steinbach Scholar Updates
    1. Chem Bess Ward July 13-16
    2. G&G Zach Sharp May 26-28
    3. AOPE is inviting speaker(s)
  • Pantaleyev Award decision
  • New librarian Hannah Mark
  • Fun photoboard- adding silly photos, rotating periodically, to 1 corner (Net)
  • Summer Picnic
    1. tentatively July 25
    2. GSC funding app due in June
    3. Cam is the point person, Net helping
    4. Sophie is organizing funding
  • MIT faculty doing ocean research
    1. Jay will consolidate info from APO on committee members, share results
  • Mentoring Workshop
    1. Jay will survey students for good and bad things about advisor-student relationship
    2. Jay will coordinate with Meg Tivey
    3. only repeated, concrete, and constructive comments will be passed on